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Platinum is the rarest of all the metals used for wedding rings.  It is also the purest of these metals, with Platinum alloys being composed of a minimum of 95% pure Platinum.  This purity makes it the ideal choice for people with skin that is sensitive to other metals.

Platinum is very malleable and strong, making it an ideal metal for delicate jewellery.  Due to its high density, it is very durable and weighs significantly more than an equivalent ring made in 18ct Gold.  The natural colour of Platinum is greyish white, and when polished does not require rhodium plating like White Gold.  Due to its rarity, Platinum is the most expensive of all of the metals used for wedding bands.

The range of Platinum wedding rings shown on our website is only a small selection of what is possible, and we encourage you to come in and speak to one of our jewellers, who will help you choose a Platinum wedding band that is perfect for you.  Whether you choose to make the rings yourselves, or have one of our team of jewellers make them for you, you can be assured your rings will be of the highest quality, and as unique as your relationship.