Russian Wedding Rings

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Russian wedding rings are a traditional style of ring that is worn on the ladies right hand. Traditionally three rings of different coloured golds (yellow, rose and white) are intertwined together to create one ring. However, today in its modern form it is quite common for the ring to be made out of only one type of metal and also may include diamonds or engraving.

The significance of this style of ring in Russian culture comes from the Christian Orthodox in the 19th century, it was meant as a representation of the Holy Trinity. It has also been said that this style of ring should be made of yellow and white gold only. The white gold representing the sun god and the yellow gold representing the moon god.

Unlike western women receiving an engagement ring, historically Russian woman receive only a wedding ring.  However, western culture has influenced modern Russian women and the custom of receiving an engagement ring is becoming a much more common tradition. Like Russian women adopting other traditions, western women have borrowed this style of wedding ring and applied a more modern twist. Intertwining three rings allows endless options for unique designs; from adding small diamonds or coloured gemstones to combining filigree or engraving.

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